Rats & Mice

Rodents like rats and mice carry fleas, ticks, and lice into the home and can cause serious health hazards to the occupants. While there are several home remedies that might help get rid of rats and mice, using professional pest control services can alleviate the problem quickly and effectively. The experts at Hit Em Hard Pest Management Solutions are highly proficient at identifying rodent infestation and solving it right away.

Toxic-Free & Safe Rodent Control Procedures

Some chemicals used to eliminate rats and mice are not only toxic but can also lead to suffocation. At Hit Em Hard Pest Management Solutions, we only use products that are very safe to use around kids and pets. As most of our products are odourless and toxic-free, they can even be used around people with severe allergies.

What Does Our Rat And Mice Treatment Involve?

  • We will begin the rodent control by conducting a thorough inspection of your property, including hard-to-reach places that are more likely to be used by rats to build their nests.
  • From traps to bait stations, we use a wide range of methods to eliminate rodents. But, before we implement, one of our specialists will consult with you and seek your approval.
  • We also find out the entry points to seal it up, thus preventing them from returning to your property and eliminating ongoing rodent problems.

Preventative Rodent Control Treatments:

We recommend preventative treatments for businesses and households in high-risk areas. Our exterminators treat your property inside and out as well as the surrounding landscape on a regular basis to prevent the inhabitation of rats and mice. If the initial treatment is ineffective, we will retreat your property at absolutely no cost as long as all recommendations are met.