Stored Pests

A stored pest in grain

Stored pests include pantry moths, beetles, mites, and weevils, that are capable of infesting processed foods or whole grains. You will notice the signs of a stored pests infestation when you are able to see tiny beetles, moths, caterpillars, etc., in various places within your home.

Hit ‘Em’ Hard Pest Management Solutions reveals that in order to get rid of these stored pests, you need to destroy the infested products.

How to Get Rid of Stored Pests Infestation

Given below is a list of the steps suggested by Hit ‘Em’ Hard Pest Management Solutions that you can follow.

  • The first thing that you have to do is dispose of the materials that have been infested by the stored pests.
  • You should use a vacuum cleaner for vacuuming the upper as well as lower surfaces of the shelves.
  • Ensure good sanitation so that you can prevent problems in the future.

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