Cockroaches are generally despised causing apprehension for a lot of people. The littler ruddy dark coloured assortments with the straightened bodies can creep into the most impossible places and move toward becoming family unit bothers. Their levelled bodies enable them to live and breed in the littlest of holes in kitchen and sustenance planning zones.

By a wide margin, the larger part of cockroaches found in Melbourne are local species, and just a few assortments of these local species have delegated a cleanliness or nuisance status. Amid summer and fall, the Common Shining cockroach is a successive guest to our homes as they search out water and frequently come in unintentionally as opposed to planning.

Cockroaches have a place with the request Blattodea and differ in size from a Queensland Cockroach (Macropanesthia rhinoceros) at 70 mm long to a lot littler German cockroach at 10mm long, the last typically found in nourishment planning and capacity territories, both Commercial and Residential premises.

Cockroach Treatment

Hit ‘Em’ Hard Pest Management Solutions offers a scope of the compound and non-synthetic medications for cockroach species which are a Public Health bother. We don’t suggest treatment for Native Australian cockroaches since they regularly live outside and just come inside coincidentally as they scavenge for sustenance. The Common Shining cockroach species (see picture above) is discovered all around Melbourne in the hotter summer months and isn’t a well-being hazard.

  • Non-chemical treatment: Glue boards, Pheromone traps, Cryonite and good hygiene sanitation.
  • Chemical treatments: Sprays, Dusts, Insect Growth Regulators, Pyrethrum Gas and Gels