Despite being cute, native possums can cause damage significant damage and irritation. Possums are notorious for raiding gardens and making nests in roofs.

How serious are possum infestations?

Possums are not dangerous until and unless they are disturbed. However, they can harm your pets by fighting with them over food and this is something that poses a risk and is capable of transmitting diseases. Possums are famous for feigning death, and that is what they will do when they are scared.

How to Get Rid of Possum Infestations

It is crucial that you remove the possums from your backyard. Given below is a list of the tips from Hit ‘Em’ Hard Pest Management Solutions that you can follow for getting rid of the possums.

  • You have to remove the leaves as well as the debris from the yard.
  • Try to fence off the areas within your backyard that are capable of providing shelter to the possums.

You can also call us directly if you find it difficult to control them, and you want professionals to get rid of these possums.